It all started at a Phish show. Captivated by the collective musical experience, extravagant production and immaculately organized chaos, Jacob, who has attended more than fifty Phish shows since, draws much inspiration from the great experiences he has had at various shows. As an event producer, Jacob develops a vision of the end result and works backwards to create a roadmap for a sea of success. He holds two main focuses in event production: the team, and the fan. Jacob knows the importance of an effective team, and thus takes time and care in compiling a strong group of specialists who share ethos and culture for a given experience. His second major focus is on the fan/consumer/client and their moment-to-moment experience. The most important questions he strives to achieve include “who is the recipient of the moment?” “how do they best enjoy themselves" and "how can this event/product elevate their life?” Jacob thrives and excels  in creating meaningful memories for others, ones that can inspire actualizing your own crazy ideas.