CEO, Storywall

Storywall is a real-time audience interaction promotional platform. It connects digital signage with live streaming content on people's smartphones, be it venue, conference, bar, night club, hotel, retail or festival. It’s inception took place in 2013 with the simple concept of putting web content on large screens for a Santa Barbara Earth Day event with 30,000 attendees. Jacob and his team spent the next year creating a beta and bringing it on the road with Jack Johnson’s forty-five stop tour for rugged testing.  It next made its way to the Santa Barbara Bowl, Goodland Hotel and several other single day events. 

Storywall is currently being developed 100% within Oniracom’s walls. It is both an internal solution for Oniracom's clients as well as a product being launched out to the world. It is an innovative solution fitting cleanly into the rapidly evolving new media landscape where the majority of people actively use their smartphones to engage and share at live events.

Since the beginning, each decision made regarding Storywall has been to serve the a client’s audience. It displays the right content or promotion in the right place and at the right time.