UCSB Humanities and Fine Arts Video

I am honored that the Humanities and Fine Arts division at UCSB selected me as a talking head in their promotional video.

Humanities and Fine Arts: Follow your passion, explore your interests

The division of Humanities and Fine Arts at UC Santa Barbara offers diverse degree programs that let students pursue their passions. Graduates go on to successful and gratifying careers.
— UC Santa Barbara HFA

Alumni Spotlight: Jacob Tell

What an honor that UCSB's College of Letters and Science division highlighted me in their newsletter with the intention of inspiring the current student body!

I cherish my UCSB days, as my time at the university certainly helped shape me into the leader I am today.

Indie Press

I sincerely appreciate the interview efforts of local publication the Santa Barbara Independent who recently came to Oniracom for this story.  After 15 years of running our agency, it is validating to have my favorite weekly publication cover a bit of our history, along with our recent branding efforts of our Santa Barbara neighborhood, The Lagoon District

You can read the full article here.

Up in my office in front of my favorite Matthew McAvene mural.

Up in my office in front of my favorite Matthew McAvene mural.