San Marcos Entrepreneurship Academy's Business Showcase

Complete inspiration.  25 high school teams setup booths at a Santa Barbara co-work facility to compete in San Marcos High School Entrepreneurship Academy's first annual Business Showcase event.  The top 5 teams presented their business concepts to a panel of judges in front of a packed room, Shark Tank style.  I am honored that the student's incredible teacher Mr. DeVries invited me to participate as a judge.  

Many of the teams had actually built out their concepts to the point of generating revenues, while others had prototyped or proven a concept with solid demos.  The students were passionate, explained their business models, go to market strategy, marketing plans and actually had good solutions for real world problems!  If this is a sign of America's business future, I am sincerely encouraged. 

Earth Day, Santa Barbara

Since Oniracom's inception in 2001, a major part of our practice as a company is being environmentally friendly. As a result, we are big supporters of Earth Day and several other sustainability projects. This weekend marks our 7th Santa Barbara Earth Day collaboration with the Community Environmental Council (CEC).

Today I had the opportunity to give an interview on our local KTYD radio station to help promote the weekend festival. With little notice, I felt confident representing our amazing team, lead by the CEC, as it is not difficult to speak from the heart about a true passion.