Filming a PledgeMusic video with Bishop Lamont

Bishop Lamont is one of my favorite people and clients I've had the honor of working with at Oniracom throughout our 15-year history.  As part of our marketing campaign to re-brand Bishop and release his album "The Reformantion," we are launching the album pre-order via PledgeMusic.  

In order to properly sell Bishop's fans on why they should participate in the Pledge campaign, we filmed a welcome video for the fans at our office.  Our long time friend & video production partner Luke Archer directed and edited the video which you can see below.

Bishop and I reviewed our script / talking points and game plan.  Essentially, we decided his tone and voice would be direct, excited and a little bit edgy.  

Bishop may have even cracked a smile from my terrible jokes.

The final result...

Bishop and I hanging at Oniracom.  Gotta love his Elvis shirt.