New Noise Conference

This Wednesday kicked off the New Noise Conference and festival in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. A four day festival, New Noise showcases dozens of artists and panelists hosted at various venues throughout the city. A festival unique from its competitors, New Noise focuses on awesome live music, local artists, start-up and tech companies from the surrounding areas.

Amidst a slew of concerts including Tyrone Wells, Naked Walrus, The City, and American Dirt, Jacob and co-worker Mike Wald of Oniracom led a "hands on workshop about New Media for Traditional Business." Jacob and Mike discussed various ways that new media and the internet can be harnessed to attract audiences and "develop unique web presences."

In addition to leading the panel, Jacob and Oniracom developed and designed a social feed website specifically for New Noise to showcase what panels were taking place at different locations, and to map digital conversations via various social media platforms. Check out the photos below, and read more about New Noise Santa Barbara at the Solutions for Dreamers blog.